Cuttin', Christmasin' and Cryin'

I haven’t written an update in a while.  I have been on a picture kick lately.  But a lot has happened so I thought it was time to share.  My MIL came, Ron ended up going to Rhode Island without me, Ron had surgery, We had Christmas and now I have a toothache.  See, you’ve really missed a lot!

I don’t even remember if I wrote about Ron being invited to go to Hasbro to speak to their Preschool Toy Division VPs about leadership.  I was supposed to go.  It was the week before christmas.  Of course, the morning of the trip my body shut down and refused to cooperate.  So, I sent Ron on to Rhode Island and then went upstairs to unpack my bag.  He had a great time without me.  If I had been able to go there would be pictures to share.  But I didn’t make it so there are no pictures.  You know, sometimes my illness just really ticks me off!  For the most part I am used to it and deal with it the best I know how.  But at times like that it makes me so furious.  I don’t think anyone but those who deal with a chronic illness of some kind truly understands the emotional swing from acceptance to pure anger at the way it interferes with not only my life but the lives of my family as well.  I think Ron and the kids are used to it and really have no expectations from me anymore.  And THAT makes me mad.  I try to remember that noones life is "normal" and everyone deals with disappointments of some kind.  Some days that is easier to do then others.

Anyway, Ron had his second carpal tunnel surgery of 2008 last week. He had his right hand done in the spring.  And had his left hand done last week.  I believe he thought he was going to be more disabled by it then he actually is.  I figured it would be easier this time since he is right handed.  He goes for his post-surgery follow up appointment tomorrow morning.  They will take off the bandage and give him a brace to wear.  Then the process of strengthening exercises begin.  That is the painful part for him.  He hasn’t had any pain at all post surgery.  That even surprised me.  We have joked that we don’t really think the doctor did any cutting under that bandage.  I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Grandma was here for the surgery.  She came early to stay with the kids while "Ron & I" went to Rhode Island.  Even though I didn’t go she still did the school runs for me that week.  That is such a big help to me.  It is nice to get a break from the driving to/from downtown every now and then.  The kids just had half days that week because of semester exams.  She and I enjoyed watching some Hallmark Christmas movies.  We have the same taste in TV and movies.  So, we always have plenty to do during the days while the kids are at school.  We nap and watch movies.  Pretty much what I do every day anyway.  HA

Christmas was great!  Grandma brought lots of FSU stuff!  YOu can’t go wrong with FSU stuff!  GO NOLES!!!  We did something different this year with the four of us (Ron, Me, Michael & Lauren).  We bought each other a "thoughtful" gift for $10/each.  It made us really think about what would be special for them.  For the most part we all usually know what we are getting for Christmas.  We each know what our budget is per person and we each spend time searching for what we want.  So, it’s the time of year that we really get what we want.  Ron did a GREAT job of buying for each of us in a special way and spending the  money frugally.  I, however, am TERRIBLE at buying gifts!!!  TERRIBLE!!!  That’s mostly why I want a list for each of them.  And then I get exactly what’s on their list.  If I am out and see something for them that jumps out at me I will get it too.  I am hoping to do a better job with the "thoughtful" gifts next year.  I need a little more notice so I can do lots of thinking about it.  Didn’t have enough notice this year. 

Well, I think that brings us all current.  We are heading to Ohio for Christmas on Tuesday.  So, I will have more to share next week.  Oh and yes I mentioned I have a toothache – what else is new?  About every 6 months or so I have some kind of major tooth issue.  I HATE MY TEETH AND I HATE THE DENTIST!!!!  There is nothing new or exciting about any of that.  So, I won’t expand on that at the moment.  I have some decisions to make about it.  Maybe I will share more when I am through the denial phase.  SIGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH


One thought on “Cuttin', Christmasin' and Cryin'

  1. Pam, my heart broke when you wrote, " I think Ron and the kids are used to it and really have no expectations from me anymore. And THAT makes me mad."

    I can so identify with that. My illnesses make me furious, too, at times. I try to accept them and go through periods of time where I am accepting, but sometimes it hurts to know no one has any expectations of you except yourself. And those get dashed more often than not. (Think unpacking your bag for RI.)

    Anyway, glad you had a wonderful Christmas and am praying for a much better new year! Are you going to get the tooth seen about before you head out of town? I hope so. I had some choices to make in that arena, too. I had them pulled, ergo, no more toothaches. Extreme, but the $$$$ were killin' us!

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