Tuesday Is Actually Going To Happen

Well, I have pretended like it wasn’t real. I have pretended like it was all a figment of my imagination or a bad dream. But it appears to be real. It appears that the Obama Love Fest will become permanent on Tuesday. I know that the Lord is in control. I know that I will get comments stating that. I know that our democratic system has worked. I know that I have lost and need to hike up my "big girl panties" and deal with it. I know that I can’t win every time. I may also lose followers – few as there may be left – because of my feelings about Obama. I’m ok with all of that. I am a soccer mom – I know that you can’t win them all and that sometimes when you lose you lose big. But sometimes it hurts more then others.  Know what I mean?

Let me say LOUD AND CLEAR that I do NOT believe all the conspiracy theories roaming around on the internet and clogging up our email boxes.  They are just a bunch of malarky. I don’t believe he is a muslim, a satanist or the anti-Christ. I don’t know the state of his soul – I can’t say if he is a Christian or not AND YOU CAN’T EITHER!!  Only the Lord knows that. It is disturbing to me to think that some people are so judgmental to think that they can say whether he is or isn’t.  I don’t believe that he is going to use the Koran to swear his oath on during the Inauguration.  I don’t believe he is going to disrespect our flag (which is also HIS flag as a U.S. citizen), our national anthem or our country.  Honestly I would like the email barrage of ridiculous lies to stop or at the very least for those who believe everything they read to do a little research before spreading the conspiracy theories any further. 

I did not vote for Obama.  He was not my first, second or even third choice – or ANY choice, actually.  And the Obama love fest, as I have labeled it, is really rather nauseating.  HOWEVER, the choice has been made.  The democratic process has worked.  We don’t all get to insist on the game being played fairly and then whine and gripe when we lose.  AND noone likes a sore winner anymore then they do a sore loser.  We don’t want the winner to be shoved down our throat.  The Golden Rule is in the Bible for a reason – because it is polite and because it is how Jesus would react.  We have ALL had our say.  The decision has been made.

I have done my share of moaning and groaning and mourning in the last few months.  As I said in the first paragraph, I have pretended that this coming Tuesday was not going to actually come. And I am curious to see what all of the Bush-haters in the United States will be saying and doing once reality sets in and they realize that we are not going to be living in the land of perfection and euphoria after all.  I don’t fool myself into believing that running a country is as easy as the armchair quarterbacks think that it is.  I wouldn’t want the job for anything in the world.  And I dare say neither would you. 

I am not an Obama fan (in case you haven’t figured that out by now) but I hope that I am not a sore loser either.  OH and one more thing before I close up shop here, just because I am not an Obama fan does NOT MEAN THAT I AM A RACIST.  That is ludicrous!!!!!  However, that is a whole other argument that can get super ugly.  So, I won’t go there.  But I just wanted to make sure that I made that point.  I actually am proud that our nation has come the distance it has come in the last 50 years.  It is quite amazing actually. 

At any rate, Tuesday IS actually coming.  The shock has almost worn off.  I will not be as happy and joyful about it as some people might be but I hope that I won’t be moaning and groaning about it either.  I will probably tear up during the inauguration like I usually do.  But I hope they will be tears of pride in a nation and not tears of mourning because my man lost.  Nobody likes a sore loser but nobody likes a sore winner either. Let’s just pull together and be pleased that we have a system that works in a nation that is not afraid to grow.  It’s time to pull up our "big girl panties" and get on with business.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Is Actually Going To Happen

  1. i share your feelings pam.
    and i think that anyone who would call us racist because we didn't vote for obama is tantamount to calling us women – haters because we didn't vote for hillary!
    i hear there are some democrats who are already upset with obama because he has already changed some things he said. i just can't remember what! — priscilla

  2. Dear Pam,

    I appreciated so much your open and candid sharing in this article my friend. I totally agree with you. THank you for being so open;-)

    Mary, who has missed you

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