Well, I have 3 months of life to catch everyone up on.  The sad thing is that I can’t remember that far back.  So I will hit the highlights.  First and foremost Lauren and her boyfriend broke up.  Please don’t give me the whole "my teenager won’t date until the day she graduates from high school" speech – especially if you don’t have a 13 year old daughter.  WHEW!  My goodness!  What a roller coaster!  At any rate, we made it through the first broken heart.  It’s like trying to stop a run away train with your hands tied behind your back.  All we could do was guide her the best we could. We stuck to our guns and held to our boundaries. Ends up that is what led him to break up with her – HE got tired of dealing with our boundaries.  It was very touchy at the end.  But she finally saw him for what he was.  Since then she has thanked us for how we watched out for her (and him) and stuck to our rules like we did.  It’s not been an easy couple of months but she is almost over him.  It helps US that he turned out to be a jerk to her at the end.  She learned so much about herself, us and life in general.  It was WAY before we were ready for but we made it through with every one intact.

MIchael has been enjoying his season of soccer.  I think he likes having a whole season to himself – just being on a boys team.  The coach is the same coach Lauren had in the Fall for the school team.  I could spend the next 3 days writing about what we feel about him.  But I will spare you the diatribe.  They won 2 games last week.  This coming week they have 4 games (M, T, TH & F).  The following weekend is District tournaments.  The teams record is really rough so we aren’t expecting much.  But I can honestly say that even though this school  year has been the busiest we’ve ever had I have enjoyed every single day!  We still have a month to go before school is out so I won’t go there for now.  But anyway, he has also been refereeing the NYSA games (the local city league that we have been playing in every season and that Ron has been coaching in).  He has made some very good money.  He gets scheduled for about 3 games each Saturday.  He gets paid the age amount of the team he refs.  For example, last Saturday (not yesterday) he reffed 3 U-15 games.  So he got paid $15/game.  If he had been the center ref (he was sideline ref in each game) he would have gotten the age group plus an additional $3.  So, we have been requiring him to pay for some things out of his own money.  We are still paying him his regular allowance as well.  So, basically he’s had more cash than any of us!!  The reffing school and all of his equipment, which he has to provide himself, cost us about $400.  But it’s been worth it. He can ref until he is 90 now.  Although I wouldn’t want to be one of the parents on the sidelines with a 90 year old ref.  HA

Ron’s board meeting is next week.  He always has one in December and then one in April.  The meeting will be MOnday – Wednesday. Then Wednesday afternoon he will leave to go to the Florida State meeting.  So, we won’t be seeing much of him this week.  He will be home during board meeting – it meets at the office. but he is always out so late and not available during the days that I pretty much treat it like he is on a trip out of town.  It is tiring for him.  But the meetings go a little better each time. 

Finally, some how about 7 weeks ago I managed to fracture a bone in my foot.  For the first 6 weeks I assumed it was just another pain from the fibro and kept going at my regular pace with it.  But when I went for my regular monthly pain management doctor’s appointment about 10 days ago I mentioned it.  She wanted an xray.  After that she said it was fractured.  I’ve just beeing R.I.C.E.ing it.  (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate).  So, for the last 10 days that’s what I’ve been doing when I haven’t had to go anywhere.  It is a little better.  But It’s still hurting when I’m on it for any significant amount of time.  so, if I can find time this week – I’m going to go to my PCP and have it looked at.  I would like it treated a little more aggresively. 

Anyway, I think that brings us all up to date!! 


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