Write Write Write Write

Ron keeps telling me I need to write a devotion for those of us who deal with depression.  I’m wondering what I would have to say that has not already been said by a zillion other people. 

My mom says I need to write articles for magazines.  What would I have to say that has not already been said? 

My dad has always said I should do more writing.  What would I have to say that has not already been said?

My grandmother told me, before she died, that she always thought I would be a writer.  I have no idea what she thought I could write.  I do remember writing little skits for me and my 3 cousins to do when we would have our big Christmas Eve celebrations each year.  I’m thinking that’s not quite what she had in mind.  Although I could probably still do that. 

At any rate, it appears that the Lord is pricking my heart about writing.  I have a hard enough time trying to think of stuff to write here on my blog – as we all know since I took a 3 month hiatus.  I’m hoping all that he wants me to do is just reach you through this blog.  I do know that during the period of time that I was gone for those 3 months I was always thinking I should be writing.  I’m always coming up with ideas of things to blog about.  Unfortunately, by the time I sit down here to write it it is LONG gone from my memory.  I need to make more of an effort to keep track of those thoughts. 

Why am I telling YOU this?  So you can pray for me.  I want to be obedient to the Lord.  But I’m the kind of person who needs a smack upside the head and a voice from Heaven.  When you pray for that could you please ask Him to not smack me too hard?  A firm tap should do the trick.  Thanks – that’d be great!


2 thoughts on “Write Write Write Write

  1. I could have written this – altho not nearly as well. 🙂 I know I'm supposed to write. Plenty of people have confirmed it. God hasn't let me off the hook about writing. But I keep thinking I don't possibly have anything to say that others haven't said (or aren't saying) much better. But He can speak through us, Pam. And that's really all He wants.

  2. Fantastic post, Pam! I will certainly be praying for you as God leads you in this endeavor. I have truly enjoyed participating in the memes each week as they give me an idea of what to write on. I hope you'll come and join us in some of them!

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