Those are the sounds my stomach is making today because I started a "diet" this morning.  Why is that water tastes better when you drink it because you WANT it and not because you HAVE TO drink it?  And I am sooooo hungry!  GRRRRRRRR

Anyway, Ron found a website (well, actually a friend told him about it) that helps in the weight loss process.  It is – it figures your caloric intake for the day to reach your goal weight.  Randall House is starting it tomorrow.  They will make it a contest.  They will weigh in once a week and record their weight gains/losses on a board for all to see.  At first I said I wanted to come and participate as well.  Then I regained control of my run away brain and have decided to keep my weigh in numbers here at home.  I have agreed though to post them on the wall for all to see.  Thankfully here only those who HAVE to love me and who I can ground if they laugh at me will see it!!  I am, however, contemplating keeping the countdown here on my blog as well.  I will see if I can find some of those countdown sites I used to use on my blog. 

Since competition is not an incentive for me – I don’t really care about whether I am ahead or behind anyone else – Ron has offered me an incentive I understand.  First of all he asked me what my ideal weight was.  I told him I wanted to lose 100 pounds.  He assured me that this was too much.  Even though in MY head it seems perfect. I have chosen a more realistic weight.  I’m not giving any weight amounts right now.  But I will say that my goal weight is 58 pounds away.  The site encourages you to lose one pound a week.  So, I am expecting it to take 58 weeks to reach my goal AND my prize!!!!!

Ok – that’s accountability people!!  Wanna join me?  Check out the site and jump in with me.  YOu can even come over here and step up on my scales that are now in my kitchen once a week with me if you want!!  Come one – Come all!  Let’s all get healthy!!!!!!!

Now I’m going to have another glass of water.  Yummmsloshyummmslosh….


One thought on “Slosh…Slosh…Growl..Growl…

  1. I love how people say that drinking lots of water will help you lose weight…it's not the drinking that helps..iot's all those trips running to trhe bathroom that I just thought it might make you smile. Leena
    PS..they arent diets..they are lkifestyle

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