Hello Hello **knockknock** – Is This Thing On?

It would appear that this thing IS still on.  How about that!!  The real question now is if anyone still comes to this channel.  I suppose I will be finding out soon.  I will be making a comeback after a crazy busy insane summer of traveling and lots of family time.  However, school is back in session and Mama has more time to herself once again.  As life slows back down you all just might find this blog has a heartbeat once again.

Back in May my life finally took a much needed turn for the better.  After years of gaining gaining gaining weight one day I just decided I had had enough.  I told myself "this is the day that it all changes".  Since that day I have lost 32 pounds.  It has been a surprising process.  I have shocked myself week after week of seeing a smaller number on the scale each Tuesday morning.  I keep waiting for reality to hit me in the gut and wake me up.  But so far this appears to BE my new reality.  I am loving every second of it.  Surprisingly enough the best "diet" really IS eating less and exercising.  All I have done is hold my daily calorie count to 1200-1600 and done some kind of exercise each day.  I pretty much eat whatever I have the taste for but have learned to control the portions and pay attention to what my body is telling me.  When it says it is full then I stop eating.  In the beginning I was counting calories religiously.  But gradually I have gotten away from counting every calorie that crosses my lips and just worked on discipline.  As in parenting, consistent discipline is the key.  I am also not obsessive about the scale.  I have been weighing in and recording my weight and progress on a chart that I keep on the wall in the kitchen (where I have relocated the scale).  So, the numbers are there looking at me each time I make a trip to the pantry.  That helps a lot.  I also made a sign that I put on the pantry door that says "Is it really worth it, Pam?".  I have asked myself that on a number of occasions.  The answer MOST OF THE TIME has been "NO, IT’S NOT WORTH IT"!!  I am also drinking a Slim-Fast for breakfast every morning.  It has all helped.  I have dropped 4 sizes since I began on May 10th.  I have truly shocked myself.  I have never lost this much or had this much motivation.  The key though is for that switch to flip in your brain.  I really had to wait till my brain was ready.  Anything I tried before that time was a waste of time. 

I will stop with this update.  Don’t want to overwhelm any readers I may still have with too much information.  Although there is plenty more to update you on.  I will do it slowly. If you have read this I want to thank you – not only for actually reading it but for visiting  a blog that has been dead for so long.  I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know you are out there. 

God bless you!


2 thoughts on “Hello Hello **knockknock** – Is This Thing On?

  1. You should also share some before and after pics that you have from FB. The difference has been especially notable in your face the past several weeks. You are doing an AMAZING job and you're such an inspiration. You even got my big ole hiney off the couch and working out :).

    Love ya!

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