Challenged in Dallas

This has been an amazing week full of challenging speakers who enjoyed dancing all over my toes – many many times.  But we need sore toes every now and then to keep us straight I suppose.

I did have to work a lot this week.  If you know me then you know that I avoid all manual labor as much as I possibly can.  But I really did enjoy working alongside the Randall House team members in registration and at the book tables.  The Lord blessed enormously! 

I am ready to get home and put some of the lessons I have learned into practice.  I hope that this will make an incredible difference all across the United States.  I will have to ask Ron where the person is from who came the farthest.  But when I was working the pre-registration tables we checked a guy in from New York state.  I know that next year we will blow this year’s attendance out of the water.  Once these 1600 people go home and share the excitement and spread the word I expect the numbers to double for the next one.  It will be in the same location – Frisco/Dallas and around the same time (September) but I don’t have exact dates yet. 

I tweeted and updated my FB  status a lot with various comments that the speakers would say when something would strike me.  I was truly challenged by Rob Rienow, the author of Visionary Parenting.  He said "the enemy tells our children not to share their heart with their parents".  Do you see that in your home?  Your children clamming up when you try to talk to them?  I DO!!!!  That’s why this was so startling to me.  He also talked about returning our hearts to our children instead of everywhere else or in places it shouldn’t be at all.  WOW!  Later on he said "the shortest distance between your child’s heart and Christ is YOU".  Of course it’s great and important to take them to church and youth group.  But our primary goal should be to disciple our children ourselves.  That’s what D6 is all about

Whew – I could almost shout thinking about the amazing ways I was challenged.  As I let more of it sink in I will certainly be sharing more here.  It’s just the beginning!! 


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