Soccer, Studies, College and Expectations

This is the last week of the soccer season for Lauren.  Is it possible?  Really?  It seems like school was just starting and they had just started practicing.  It just reminds me that time goes by so fast.  Michael has a couple of more weeks of NYSA (city league) season.  But tomorrow night will be the last game of the season for Lauren at school.  I can’t believe it.  District tournaments begin over the weekend.  Where is the SLOW DOWN button?  I know we are all trying to figure out where it is located.  If anyone finds it please share with the rest of us.  I know the next time I blink they will both be heading to college.  I will just try not to blink.  I will have a staring contest with the calendar!!  That’s it!

Speaking of college – I need a checklist of things that we need to do and a timeline of when they need to be done.  Both MIchael & Lauren are sophomores this year.  I know there are things that we can be doing now to prepare so that we aren’t bombarded their senior year.  We have had a talk with them about bringing up their GPAs.  Each of them have a list of colleges they are interested in.  Does anyone have a checklist or suggestions on what we need to be doing when?  I’m sure I could get some answers by checking with the school guidance counselor too.  Will put that on my list of things to do.

Ron is traveling more than he is home this month.  That’s no fun for any of us.  But we are managing.  I was hoping to go on a trip with him the first week of November to East Tennessee.  But it looks like I will be needed elsewhere at that time.  I enjoying traveling with him.  But it’s hard for me to give myself "permission" to be away from the kids.  I guess that goes along with being a full-time mom, doesn’t it?  SIGH

Bible study is plugging right along.  Esther is taking a little more effort for me to get into at some points than some of her other studies.  That one week that I blogged about was extremely challenging.  But the last couple of weeks have moved a lot slower.  I find myself having to really work at concentrating.  I’m not sure if that is because I am too easily distracted or if it is the study itself.  Hmmmmmmmm something to think about. 

Well, there’s really not much else to say.  Besides, I hear the heating pad calling my name.  It’s been raining for 2 days.  We all know how great of a pair rain and fibromyalgia makes.  Another great part of my life.  Sighhhhhhhhhhhh  So, toodles for now!


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