The Lady In The Third Row

There is what appears to be a very sweet lady who sits in about the third row at our church who ministers to me every single time I go to church.  The interesting thing is that I have never spoken to her.  I don’t know that she has ever noticed me.  But I notice her every time. 

First you should know that I enjoy worshiping the Lord.  I enjoy turning my eyes to the Heavens and imagine myself singing directly to the Lord as He sits on his throne receiving the praises of his children.  I enjoy lifting my hands to Him as I sing.  Often I will hold my hands with my palms turned up as if giving the Lord the praise directly from my being into His hands.  I love to feel the washing of the Spirit over my body.  I rarely leave a service where these things has not happened.  I am moved by seeing the worship of those around me as well.  I picture God accepting the praise of His people as we each worship him in our own way.  There is one man who sings every word of every song simply with his eyes closed.  There are those who lift their hands and pump out the beat of the music toward the Heavens.  There are those who clap the beat (or attempt to clap the beat in my husband’s case – heehee).  I have been in many services where there have been those who have shouted and I have shouted many times myself.  I have seen my own father on a number of occasions shout and laugh as the spirit of the Lord has washed over him.  I have watched many tears fall with no other outward sign of worship. 

Even as I type this and remember the things I have seen and heard my spirit is blessed.  We all worship the Lord in our own ways.  But I am one who is moved by the physical.  I am not an inactive worshiper.  For that reason I am drawn to those who are like me. 

A number of months ago I noticed a lady in the section next to mine as she worshiped and sang.  She is a small woman probably in her 80s who walks with a walker and stands stooped over.  But every single time I look at her during our worship time she is smiling and singing every single word to every single song.  It’s important here to realize that we have a blended service.  We sing a lot of very current popular worship songs of many contemporary artists as well as singing some of the older hymns.  Now I’m not a hymn lover and often times find myself singing them out of rote memory without much passion.  But this sweet woman holds to the same pattern for every song.  Smiling, not missing a word and pounding out each beat with her fist in the air. 

This sweet woman encourages me to be consistent in my worship and to sing my praise to God with each note.  She blesses my spirit every service.  I notice when she isn’t there.  I find myself thinking about her through the week.  I’m sure my life would be blessed by interacting with her.  However at this point my spirit is in touch with her spirit.  And they are getting along famously.  And I am learning a lot from the lady in the third row.

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