My Dad My Hero – Part 3

To be perfectly honest the next few months after my dad’s surgery are basically a blur.  I’ve been thinking about the order of things since I wrote the last entry and I’m having a hard time remembering the order of things. So, I am just gonna share some thoughts that have stuck with me during that time.

Right after I got home from the trip to Ohio mentioned in the previous entry I had to have foot surgery and was laid up.  I spent the time worried about my dad healing and wondering if the day would come that I would ever get out of my bed and back on two feet instead of one foot and two crutches.  There were a couple of other scares and hospital stays that revolved around his not being able to breathe.  The scariest time occurred following a midnight phone call from mom saying she had had to call 911 again because she couldn’t rouse him awake.  It wasn’t looking good.  He was on a ventilator and in ICU.  We packed in about 30 minutes – all 4 of us.  Thankfully, we have neighbors who stay up super late because we took Faith over to them at 3 a.m.  I spent the entire drive to Miami Valley Hospital praying and begging God not to take him till I could get there.  I needed to be with him.  I needed him to hear me say I loved him one more time.  If God intended to take him that night I desperately needed him to wait just 5 hours till I could get there.  Honestly, that was the scariest night of my life.  We had no definite answers and hadn’t had any expected outcomes actually work out like the doctors had told us they would.  But quite simply on that night I didn’t really care what was wrong for those few hours.  All I wanted was him to live!  I love him with every part of me.  He’s my Daddy.  And I wasn’t ready for him to leave me.

God heard my prayers and the friends all around the world who were praying thanks to those who were keeping others informed of how to pray.  I could never have rested any during that time without all of their prayers.  If you ever wonder if God is really listening I can assure you that He IS.  I can say that with absolute certainty because not only did my Daddy live but he is still alive and still kicking today.  The prayers of a righteous man brings results. And RESULTS is exactly what we got.

I was never so relieved in all my life as I was to finally arrive at the hospital and walk into that ICU room.  Even though I was also petrified at the same time to see him laying there with wires and machines and a ventilator breathing FOR him – I was relieved that they had saved him.  It wasn’t easy for him in those days. And it wasn’t easy for us to watch him suffer and become frustrated with that tube down his throat.  He hated that thing.  And we hated it FOR him but knew that without it he would be right back where he was before – gasping for breath.  It was determined that he would have to have a tracheostomy put in.  That was the one thing we had been trying to avoid.  He had that in for the next 6 or 8 weeks. (Again, my memory is not good for this period of time)

At some point in this process his doctor was performing another procedure when he noticed a growth of some sort BEHIND the voice box.  Noone had seen it before.  Noone was looking for it.  No one knew it was there.  However, if Dad had not had the trach in so they could “tube” him that way for this particular procedure it might have been missed.  The doctor cut it out and it appears to have been the cause of his breathing problems all this time.  It felt so good to have some answers.  You just can’t imagine the pain, grief, depression and agony my Dad had been thru all this time.  I’m forever grateful to God that my daddy was the man he was – a man of faith – a man of physical health – a man who loves his family enough to fight and endure all that he had endured hoping to eventually get to an answer.  Sure his hope wavered but we were all holding out hope FOR him.  We prayed and hoped that he would get to the other side.  What we didn’t know was that there was still another roadblock blocking him from seeing the other side.  And that was possibly the scariest roadblock of all.


4 thoughts on “My Dad My Hero – Part 3

  1. So suspenseful! However, I’m glad you’re giving this in bits and pieces, because it’s just so much to fathom. I’m glad you made it to the hospital to see your prayers answered.

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