She's No Jillian Michaels

I have recently joined the gym (Urban Active) in order to get back to feeling better like I did last year when I was counting calories, exercising and losing weight.  Since my foot surgery in December I have not been able to exercise as I was before.  If you have ever been in a regular exercise program you know how your body craves exercise.  In the 7 months since my surgery I felt myself moving back into that sedentary life I had before.  But there was enough of my brain cells left that remembered the days when I exercised because it made me feel good.  I knew if I wanted to get back to those days I was gonna have to do something drastic.  I felt my motivation slipping away.  I had already regained 12 of the 35 pounds I lost last year.  I knew I was going the wrong direction and knew enough about myself to know that I needed to stop the train before it ran off the track and barreled into a brick wall.

I have heard since the first day I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998 that exercise was the key to feeling better.  That sounds completely backwards to the ears of a person who deals with chronic pain 24/7.  The last thing they want to do is something they KNOW is gonna cause even more pain.  All they want to do is sit still – not move and not do anything to cause more pain.  I did go through various periods of time when I would try to exercise.  But you know when you start exercising IT HURTS!  When the body does something that causes it pain the brain tells it to STOP THAT!  So, I always obeyed my brain.  However I learned last year that if you work through that initial period of extra pain it ultimately DOES indeed make you feel better.

One day last May Ron told me about a program Randall House was starting similar to the Biggest Loser.  All of the employees were going to have a weekly weigh in day.  The person to lose the largest percent of their body weight at the end of the contest would win.  Even though I am not an employee I decided I was going to participate as well.  I have watched each season of The Biggest Loser for years and always wish I had the willpower to do what they were doing.  I realized that each one of them had open accountability by weighing themselves on national television.  Now Randall House was doing something similar and so was I.  I made myself a weigh in chart with my starting weight (which I never shared with anyone before) and hung it on the kitchen wall for God and everyone to see.  Each weigh in day at Randall House was also weigh in day at Pam’s House.  I would write my new weight on the chart as well as my +/- results. I counted calories and exercised every day.  It worked!  I dropped 35 lbs.  Had I been an employee of RHP I would have placed in the top three.  I had NEVER had such incredible results in weight loss efforts before. Then foot surgery hit and I hit the brick wall of bed rest and stress over my dad being so sick.  Back came the weight.

This time I knew I was gonna need help. So, Ron and I joined the Urban Active gym close to our house.  I knew I would need some extra incentive and motivation to hold me accountable.  Her name is Stephanie.  She is my personal trainer.  She is our 23rd anniversary present to Ron and I.  HA – a personal trainer ain’t cheap.  I asked her the first day if she was like Jillian.  She assured me that she is NOT.  So far she is right.  I meet with her 3 times a week for the first couple of months.  The next few months it will be 2 times a week.  Eventually I will get down to once a week.  I have completed my first week.  She has taught me a lot.  I am even going to the gym on off days to work out.  So far she is true to her word – she is no Jillian Michaels.  She doesn’t yell in my face or anything – which is probably a good thing for her……


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