And He's Off….

Yesterday our son took yet another step into becoming what God wants him to be.  He left at 9:00 a.m. to fly to Oklahoma City to begin his second year in Truth & Peace.  First of all he flew without one of us.  Yes, I know he is 16 years old.  And he has flown everywhere with us since before he could walk.  But this was his first flight “alone”.  He had about 12 friends with him from our church.  But I WASN’T THERE – ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a Mama that doesn’t want to let go.

At any rate, we are proud of him and the direction he is going with his life.  Truth & Peace is a youth leadership program that our denomination, FWB , offers our 9-12 graders each summer.  They have to apply and be chosen by the leaders of the program based on their application – report on their Christian service, church involvement, essay about why they want to participate in the program, grades in school… get the idea.  A couple of hundred apply but only 100 of them are chosen.  We are very proud that he was chosen last summer and then again this year as well.

He will be learning a lot about not only being a leader among his peers here and now but how to carry over those qualities into his adult life. I still remember my days in Truth & Peace in 1984 and 1985.  I was a participant in the first two years of the ministry.  Here it is 26 years later and now my son is in his second year.  The program definitely was a contributing factor to the path I took in life and ultimately to the Christian life that I lead today.  That’s what excites me so much about Michael participating as well.  We are already confident that he is going to do great things for God.  But adding this to the mix of what is shaping his future puts an extra stamp of potential success to it.

So our prayer while he is gone is that he will clearly hear the Lord speaking to him and that the path that He wants Michael to take will be easier for him to see.  We also pray that his relationship with God will be strengthened.  And that anything he may be struggling with can be settled in his mind so that he can focus on his walk with Christ.

Children grow up so fast.  You always hear adults say that but until you are standing in the shoes of a parent with teenagers you don’t really understand.  We are blessed to have children who are walking the path of the Christian life.  But still – I sure wish it would slow down just a little…….

At the airport ready to leave for Truth & Peace 2010


One thought on “And He's Off….

  1. Pam ~ your thoughts are right on target. The kids grow up WAY too fast, but I’m thankful that while we are responsible for our families, there are people and ministries who are standing willing and able to offer a supportive hand. Emily is in her final year of T / P, and there has been major growth in her four years there. What an opportunity these kids have!

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