THAT Woman

Do you know who I have always tried to avoid?  And if you are a woman you have probably done the same exact thing – avoided this woman at all costs?  I know I have tried to pretend that she doesn’t exist.  THE PROVERBS 31 WOMAN!  I have always preferred to be the Proverbs 32 woman – the one who prefers GETTING served.  (You don’t have to grab your Bible – there is no Proverbs 32)  But God has been transforming me this summer in just about every area of my life from my relationship with him, to my relationship with my husband to my relationship with my children….And while I’m still not completely embracing ALL of the Proverbs 31 woman’s life I feel more now after 23 years of marriage and 16 years of motherhood that I am a little interested in who she is and the principles she lives.  If God thought enough of her to put her in the Bible then I figure there’s a reason.  It’s my job as a woman to figure out what that reason is and how I need to change MYSELF to be more like her.

In the anticipation of writing this entry I went to my bookshelf to see what books I have about how to be a Godly woman.  Let’s just say that I found a BUNCH – only one of which has been completely read – and that one only because I taught a study on it.

Mostly I have been influenced by the world’s idea of what a woman should be – independent, self-involved, finding what fulfills ME with little regard as to what I need to do to fulfill the lives of my husband and children, seeking happiness outside of the home God has put me in and most of all searching for joy in places it cannot be found – work, money, possessions, well-behaved children, handsome husband, the perfect body or other people.

As a Christian I should seek to be influenced by GOD’S idea of what a woman should be.  A Godly Christian woman should seek to develop an ongoing relationship with God above all else, desire to honor and respect her husband, create a loving environment at home for her family, reaching out to help those around her, contributing to the household – whether financially or with her talents.  And above all else – putting herself BEHIND those of others (including her husband, children and especially God).

There’s a big difference there between what the world’s idea of a woman is and what God’s idea of a woman is.  Which woman am I?  Which woman are you?  Are you THAT woman!?!?  Am I????


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