Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is a list of 13 things about your life. The list can be absolutely anything! From things you’ve done today to favorite movies, books, or meals. Here is the list I have chosen for this week!

Thirteen Things That Make Me Happy

1.  The fact that all of my family are Christians
2.  A sunny day outside – especially when it is a cloudy day “inside”
3.  Reading the Bible
4.  Encouraging friends who are hurting
5.  Those quiet times in the evening when Ron and I get to talk
6.  Not being in pain
7.  Sweet friends who spend time and energy interacting with me not because they feel the HAVE to but just because they WANT to
8.  Reading in peace and quiet
9.  Children who are obedient with a sweet spirit
10.  Shopping without the pressure of having to worry about how much I’m spending or whether or not Ron will say anything about it
11.  Worshipping the Lord at church surrounded by fellow believers
12.  Watching my kids play soccer
13.  Hearing/Making my children laugh


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. 1. Having friends and some family that love me no matter what.
    2. Having a best friend in Jeff.
    3. The fact that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.
    4. Coffee.
    5. God’s Word.
    6. Computers.
    7. My guitars (Acoustic and Bass).
    8. Writing.
    9. Cooking for my friends.
    10. That it’s going to cool down tomorrow.
    11. That it’s almost payday.
    12. Naps.
    13. The Fibro-Sisters list.

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