Our Week In Pictures

Michael, Rhiana & Lauren (and Faith) this morning - First Day of School

Lauren (R) and Rhiana (L) on the first day of school this morning 2010/2011 school year

And now a few pictures of some flowers in a bouquet that Ron bought me this week.  He is soooooooooooo amazing about buying me flowers.  These were so gorgeous that I just couldn’t help snapping some pics with my cell.  Even though I don’t have a FB to post them to anymore….sniff sniff – therefore, you all get the benefit of them.

This one started out a beautiful green (my fave shade) - a couple of days later I noticed it turning yellow and decided to snap a pic because it is so beautiful - ENJOY!

This is the beautiful green I was talking about. In a few days they will start turning yellow. I think you can see them changing already actually.

Pretty purple bunch

Looks like something you would see on the bottom of the ocean.

One of the vibrant Gerber Daisies I have planted in big pots on my front porch. Decided to forgo the flowerbed this year and planted in big pots - MUCH EASIER!!

And then just one of me saying Hi!

Thanks for sharing our week in pictures!  Have a great day!


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