Thursday Thirteen – 8/12/10

Thirteen Things I Love

1.  My husband
2.  My children
3.  My heavenly Father
4.  My extended family
5.  The first warm day of spring
6.  The first chilly day of autumn
7.  Hearing the ocean as I watch the waves roll on the shore
8.  Laying in bed talking to my husband about our day
9.  Worshiping the Lord with other brothers & sisters in Christ
10.  Laughing with friends
11.  Cuddling with Faith after she’s had a good grooming appointment
12.  Reading a book I can’t put down
13.  Spontaneous hugs from my kids


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen – 8/12/10

  1. I absolutely love autumn too, and the beginning of spring! I also love getting to spend time with my family, like you. ❤ I'm glad my Heavenly father has provided this for me. 🙂 Great post! -Daisy

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