They Don't Call It Friday the 13th For Nothing!

So today is the day Lauren decided she wanted to get her driver’s permit.  She and a friend (who spent the night) were going to do it together.  The friend’s mom was going to meet us so they could do it this morning.  So we leave the house on time.  Before we get out of the neighborhood I think “I bet I’m supposed to have some kind of information.  I’m sure they aren’t gonna just take my word for it that she is my daughter.”  So I ask her if she’s supposed to take anything.  She said she didn’t know.  So I call Ron to see (he is out of town).  He said a birth certificate (NO idea where that is) or passport (DO know where that is) and SSN – which he had because I didn’t have it. We turn around and go back home to hunt for passport and SSN.  Then we are off again.  We get to the driver’s license place to find out that it is not a testing center – we have to go to one of 2 other centers – in the opposite direction of course.  We finally get there and get in the looooooooonnnnnngggggggg line.  When it is finally our turn the lady asks for birth certificate and/or passport (YAY – got that), the school form (WHAT SCHOOL FORM???), and two pieces of mail (UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – yeah!).  Rhiana didn’t have the school form either so her mom goes to school to try to get it (can’t get it today) and we return BACK home for the school form (surprisingly Lauren knows where it is) and I get 2 pieces of mail.  I try to talk her into let’s doing it another day when we can be there when they open so we don’t have to wait all day.  Noooooooo – it HAS to be today. On the drive back she asks me about her plans for the evening (let me insert here that I already had plans for the evening with Kim for just she and I to go out and have some BFF time tonight – been planned for 2 weeks).  I ask Lauren what plans – she said plans to go with her friends to see a movie that they were supposed to go to last weekend but didn’t get to go.  I am already EXTREMELY irritated by the morning’s events.  So I stew a bit more..she suggests that Michael take her – I KNOW he’s not gonna want to do that and I will have to deal with a pouting Michael.  If I don’t cancel my plans so she can do her plans I will also have a pouting Lauren (a GAZILLION times worse).  So I reschedule MY plans for tomorrow night in order to keep the peace – but not before letting her know that the mother is always the one who has to give up what she wants to do in order for her kids to do what they want to do and that this is just one glaring example.  (I realize this was a guilt motivator – which I NEVER do to my kids.  However she needed to see it from someone else’s point of view).  She’s pouting and now not only am I furious from the events thus far in the morning I am now furious about this new kink in the chain of MY plans for “me time”.  Anyway, it’s settled – I don’t get to do what I wanna do but she does – aren’t we all happy now?  By now we are back to the driver’s license place – which I had to illegally park at.  But I deduced that if I got a ticket it would be the least bothersome part of day so I risk it.  We go back inside to stand in line AGAIN.  The # of people has now doubled in size.  I reminded her again that I think we should come back on a day we can be there when they open so we don’t have to wait so long.  Noooooooooooooo – we get called up to the same lady (who has no sense of humor by the way – which I could REALLY have used at this time).  We give her the form, the passport, the mail annnnnnnnnndddddddddd – WAIT FOR IT – the school form is EXPIRED by ONE DAY – it was only good thru the summer which officially ended yesterday since school started back yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have to get a new school form.  I told Lauren AGAIN – let’s get the school form on Monday and be here Tuesday morning when they open and then I will take her to school a little late.  FINALLY SHE AGREES.  Now I am home trying to calm down.  Kim and I have rescheduled for tomorrow.

And it is now 10:30 A.M.

They don’t call it Friday the 13th for nothing!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “They Don't Call It Friday the 13th For Nothing!

  1. Wanted you to know you are missed on Facebook!! Glad I can stay connected with you here. I can’t tell you how much I can relate to this story. First of all, we did the exact same thing…no school form, no proof of address…which we found out after waiting in line for two hours!!!

  2. Oh Sweetie! I can feel your pain. There are weeks that it feels like I have days like that on repeat!


    As for the learner’s permit, we have decided to wait for K to get her’s. Our roads out here are too much for her and well… I love my truck too much. LOL. Pray you had a great weekend!

  3. Honey I picked this up, somewhere, “The soul of parenting is the capacity to sacrifice”. Obviously you have learned this valuable lesson and I am so proud of you.

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