Our Week In Pictures – Golf, Farmer's Market and Soccer

This week consisted of another trip to Farmer’s Market, which I am really starting to L-O-V-E by the way, soccer games/practices and chillin’ with Faith.  It’s pretty much been a relaxing and normal week for us.  It has been the perfect week for me.  Here’s a few pics I took to capture each exciting moment.  Ok, so the word exciting might be a bit of an exageration.

Jack-O-Lantern anyone? GINORMOUS pumpkin at Farmer's Market

Faith & I were chillin' on the front porch

Gorgeous pepper plant - all of those beautiful colors are on the same plant. That was so cool!

My golfer playing in one of his school golf matches. I'm figuring out how to be a golf mom as well as a soccer mom


Lauren is after the ball! WATCH OUT! Playing the Pope John Paul II girls team

And she's got it!

Three on one but she can handle them!

She kicked the corner kick that led to our only goal in this game!

They are soccer beasts!

My buddy, Jamal! He watches out for me and for Lauren! He a silly one but we love him anyway!

Our fans! The last 2 seasons a parent or two were the only ones who ever came to the games. Now we have fans and signs! It really helps the girls' morale!

Tomorrow begins a new week.  That means a new week of pictures next weekend.  See you then!


2 thoughts on “Our Week In Pictures – Golf, Farmer's Market and Soccer

    • He has played off and on since he was little – like about 7. He took lessons with a pro at a course in Old Hickory for a few months when he was 10 or so. He would play occasionally with Ron. So this summer he said he’d like to play on the school team. He’s not the best one on the team but he’s not the worst either. HA He does pretty well. He and Ron have been playing a lot since school started so he can work on it.

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