Our Week of August 29th in Pictures

It was a busy week at the Hunter House this week.  It was fun!  It ended with me in bed with a flare for 3 days.  Ready, Set…Go!!

Somebody just looked extra beautiful for school that day so I made her let me take her picture.

This is how my desk has looked all week while working on my Invisible Illness articles. Still looks that way too. Got 3 weeks to go...

They were a little overwhelmed by my brilliant writing this week. Or perhaps they were actually UNDERwhelmed...

Game time - Our fans - David, Chris, Jamal & Ricardo and their fabulous sign!!! WE WON!!! I've noticed when they show up with a sign and loud cheering then we win!!!

More fans!!! Michael, Zach and Amelia - we had fans all over the place!

Amelia was knocked over by the brilliance of Lauren's playing!! Sweet Aiden was trying to help her up. Such a cutie! Aiden's daddy, Matty, just sat back and watched.......

Jamal and his little sister the winner!!! 🙂

My daddy is back at his favorite hobby - woodworking! Yes, I cried when Mom sent me this. I love that man!!!!

And my week ends with me in the bed for 3 days with a fibro flare. These are the beautiful sunflowers Ron bought me.


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