Our Week In Pictures – 9/5-9/11 – Entry 1

What a full week we have had around here!!  Soccer, Football, Golf and friends!  When you have two teenagers the possibilities are endless!  Better get going.  This could take a while.

Labor Day Party Girls

Labor Day street play

Trevor and Lauren - Labor Day

More fun in the street

Besties comin' and goin'

Chillin' with the kids on Labor Day - wish we had a picture of all of them - somehow some of them hid during picture times

Ron & I went to follow Michael during one of his golf games

Of course he has to walk and carry his bag - we rode in the cart

Thinking through the tee off

See - here we are in our cart

More contemplation - I told Ron he looked like Tiger Woods except white, not a cheater, not divorced and not rich

This is the last one I will put in this entry - I have so many pics for this week! I thought this was sweet - until 2 seconds later when he SPIT on the flower to see what would happen....SIGH!

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