Where Do I Go To Buy The Skinny Gene?

I’m beginning to wonder if I will EVER get back on track.  I have basically put my scales away.  I have completely rolled over and all but died.  This time last year I was feeling so much better and so much happier.  I’ve had a taste of the “good life”.  How have I not chosen to go back there?  How have I allowed the pleasure of the taste buds to control my life yet again?  I see things turning around a little more each day.  Yet I don’t stop and force myself in the other direction.  I keep saying tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow….but tomorrow never comes.  I’ve kept a few of my successful habits but none that really make a big difference.  My fibro has been horrible this summer so it has been easy to focus on that and not my eating habits.  I was working at the gym with a trainer but had to stop because of my fibro.  It just couldn’t handle it.  I’m not convinced it was really helping me in any way anyhow.  I was getting worse instead of better.  I know I just need to dial it in yet it’s as if I don’t know where the dial is – nor do I care.  The longer that times goes on the more I dislike myself.  I had so much success and now feel like such a failure.  How do you pick yourself up from that?  That’s where I am in the battle of weight loss and health.  SIGH  I know what I need to do and I know how to do it – I just keep choosing not to do it.  Where do I go to buy the willpower & self-respect I need to follow this path once again?  Better yet – where do I go to buy the skinny gene?  And why can’t it be that simple?


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