A Little of This and A Little of That – Fibro Treatments

I was considering writing an entry covering treatment options for Fibromyalgia.  But I doubt that my list would even put a dent in what is available out there.  Instead I have decided to share what treatments I have tried and have found helpful.  Hopefully you will be willing to leave a comment to share what treatments you have tried and found successful and not successful. 

I have battled this mess for 17 years.  However I have only been diagnosed for 13 years.  While I would love to be able to explain everything I’ve used and the benefits or lack thereof from the very beginning that just isn’t gonna happen.  Most of Fibromyalgia is trial and error – even from the beginning when they start testing you for everything under the sun.  The way that they diagnose Fibro is by ruling out everything else.  That’s how the treatment is as well.  Your life is like an ongoing science experiment.  What might work today may stop working tomorrow and then you are back at square one with something else.  It can be very frustrating if you aren’t prepared for the possibility that you will have to spend your life constantly changing things up.

Of course there are a few types of pharmaceuticals available these days specifically FOR Fibromyalgia – Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella & Mirapex.  There are a number of meds available that are able to do double duty.  For example, one that I have taken for years is actually a med for people with seizures.  Then there are, of course, narcotics.  There is a lot of various schools of thought on the use of narcotics for fibromyalgia pain.  I say if it works take it and if it doesn’t then don’t.  Who has the energy to argue about it?  They do help me so I take them.  Just like anything else though you may have to change things up.  I think I have been on everything (except Oxycontin – which I would try but it just hasn’t been offered to me) at least once over the years.  A good doctor will be willing to try anything you ask for.  Do your homework.  Talk to him/her about various meds. Get his/her opinion.  You are partners in your pain management.  Don’t let him/her run over you.  Make yourself heard.  Any doctor that doesn’t listen to their patient isn’t a doctor worth paying – find one that is.

Vitamins & Supplements are also a big part of the “game”.  A few years ago I went to a chiropractor friend who also practiced nutrition and natural medicines.  My goal was not to replace my medications with natrual supplements.  I wasn’t quite ready for that.  But what I learned from him was invaluable.  He tested me (hair, stool, blood & urine) and found which various levels in my body were “outta whack”.  Based on that information he recommended certain vitamins/supplements that I should add to my daily regime to balance my body out.  That proved to be very helpful.  I have learned since then about two very important minerals/vitamins that our bodies lack as a result of Fibromyalgia – Magnesium & Vitamin D.  You should check with your doctor before adding anything new to your daily regime.  Also having those levels tested would be helpful as well so that you will know how much your body needs to supplement.

I have been a big believer in chiropractic care for about 20 years.  Because your body is basically wired to your spine a chiropractor can be very beneficial to your overall health.  I’ve learned that just about any physical problem you experience can be treated by a chiropractic adjustment.  Plus it just plain feels good.  There have been times in my life that I have gone for regular adjustments.  Now I am basically on a “come when you need to” kind of schedule.  I probably could benefit from going even more often.

I think other then traditional medicine the best help I have received has been by way of a regular massage.  I cannot recommend it enough.  For a period of 3 years I got a full body massage every week.  Not only did it just feel good but it also kept my muscles from tightening up.  A massage releases toxins that store themselves up in our muscles and cause the knots and pain we feel.  When we moved from Central Florida to Middle Tennessee I just never started back again regularly.  I know if I did I would feel better.

Now there are plenty other kinds of treatments that others find helpful.  I have tried a few others but not gotten really much benefit from them.  But that’s not to say that they won’t work for you.  Please share what methods you use that help you.  My readers here would greatly appreciate any advice you might have to share.


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