My Mom Has Fibro………

Today’s entry is written by my daughter. These are her words, written in her style, about being a child of a parent with Fibromyalgia.

Well my mom has the disease Fibromayalgia. she has had since before i can remember. i think she told me that she has had it since she was pregnant with my brother in 1993. It was hard when i was growing up because i know a lot of my friend’s mom’s had always driven them to church and been with them at the homelife (a homeschool co-op) i attended when i was homeschooled. it was weird for me being around just my dad and my brother like 24/7 in everything we did. i was kind of a tom boy growing up too. she stayed in bed a lot of the time and it was hard for me to not be able to be around her as much as my dad. but i remember when she started dieting how she got to feeling some what better. then one day she went to the doctor and came back with a bunch of vitamins. they seemed to help her a lot too. i could never see how she took so many a day :p
as ive gotten older, she has been wayyy more involved and i think it is because she really made the effort to get out there and get better so that she could be involved while we were growing up. it was hard for me at first but i look back now and i didnt really think that much of it. but i can tell a huge difference in how she is now compared to then. i love seeing her on the sideline of all my soccer games, or driving us to school, and even the special days when we get to go out just me and her. one thing i hate is that the more we do, the more tired she will be from it. my dad has been great though. anytime she has a “bad day”, as we call it, he always is so patient and understanding and my dad isnt really a complainer so it’s a lot easier to handle when you know that your dad doesnt get upset or mad when she starts to feel bad and stuff.
now that she has been doing better lately and how much she really is involved, its easier for me to handle and accept how things are. because her bad days arent really as often as they used to be when i was growing up. and i really like the relationship we have because if she isnt feeling well, i’ll just go chill with her in her room and have myself a nice, lazy day too.


6 thoughts on “My Mom Has Fibro………

    • Thank you so much! It was helpful for me to get her perspective. My next goal is to get my son to write an entry for me. But that will take some arm twisting and a LOT of patience. HA

  1. Your mom is very blessed to have you as her daughter…and she knows it. I think it’s great that you took the time to write this post for her blog too. It gives others insight that we normally would not have. Thank you, “daughter” :). ❤ ya!

  2. This made me cry it was so sweet. Your mom is blessed that you understand how she feels even if you don’t like it. She is blessed to have you as a daughter.

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