Biggest Loser Season 10

It is now time for Biggest Loser season 10 to begin.  I admit that I use this show for motivation.  It is wonderfully motivating because I know that those people are much sicker and in worse shape than me.  If they can do it – then surely I can do it.  Of course I would kill myself working out as hard as they do.  But I admire them greatly.  I need to be there with them.  But they would be burying me under a tree on the ranch by the 3rd day.  What is really disturbing to me is when people step up on the scale for the first time and their starting weight is close to mine.  WHAT????  That is scary.  I don’t see myself the way I see them.  Makes me wonder how people see me.  I’m not sure I really wanna know.

I’m hoping in a couple of weeks I will be super motivated and ready to jump on the bandwagon with them.  Will you join me?

2 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Season 10

  1. I’ve watched this show a few seasons. I’ve only done one “diet” but it was online and it was Weight Watchers. I think it’s a whole lifestyle change and I’m not motivated enough yet but if I did have a “buddy” it might be easier. – maybe we can motivate each other?


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