Our Week In Pictures – 9/11-9/19

Ron and I were out of town all week.  However, thanks to cell phones, I have a couple pictures from what was happening at home.  We were in Frisco TX for the D6 conference.  Unfortunately I spent most of the week in the room because of my lovely Fibro flare.  But here are a few pictures from the week anyway.

Me and my sweet girl Lauren

Not sure if I posted this one last week but this is Michael and his girlfriend Hannah

Michael as The Fonz at a 50s themed birthday party

Michael and Hannah at her Homecoming - she was on the homecoming court

On the plane to Dallas for D6

Our balcony on the Penthouse floor at the Embassy Suites in Frisco for D6 - I spent every morning sitting there reading and every evening watching the sunset

Our view of the restaurant from outside our room

Our view directly from our balcony - the Dr. Pepper Stadium - home of the minor league baseball team Texas Rough Riders

IKEA was so close but I didn't make it there this trip

Lunch on the balcony

Me and my man, one of the co-founders of the D6 Conference

Ron on stage at D6

Ron on stage using his iPad somehow or other

One of the post it notes I posted for Invisible Illness Week last week

This one was in the elevator at Embassy Suites - shhhhhhhh

The highlight of my week was visiting my Fibro-Sister, Priscilla and meeting her daughter, Laura

Well, that’s my week.  It wasn’t too bad.  I wish I had gotten to go to more of the conference.  Next year I hope my Fibro will allow me to participate more like I did last year.  As you can see the kids had fun without me – not sure I like that though.


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