Walk Hand in Hand

If you have been to my blog here before then you will notice that this page looks a little bit different.  My blog’s title is “The Journey Leads Home”.  The previous header picture on the previous blog was great for that.  But I love to personalize everything.  The new picture you see about is one that a friend of ours took during a family photo shoot.  I love it because it shows our family as unified.  We all enjoy being together.  We are a very close family.  And we love being together in our home.  While this picture was taken at Centennial Park in downtown Nashville I imagine we are heading home.  Anywhere my husband and my children are is where home is for me.  They are my heart, therefore they are my home.  Life’s journey can take you and me and each of our family members in different directions every day or even the weeks and months ahead.  However when the journey comes to a rest we land at home with one another.  If I ever get too far from home my heart feels drawn to return to the place it longs to be – in the presence of those I love.  I love the connection my husband and I have with each of our children in different ways and the connection that each of them have with one another.  God put us together to form the Hunter family unit.  We walk this life moving in and out of other’s lives.  But the 4 of us will always be here for each other.  We are always going to be here to walk hand in hand together.  That is how God intended it and that is how we make sure that it stays.  Each day we walk hand in hand in the journey of life.  As the day ends the journey leads us home.  That is the greatest blessing of all.


3 thoughts on “Walk Hand in Hand

  1. Pam, I was going to comment that I loved the picture until I read the blog post. Wow! Much thought, prayer, and LIFE has gone into that piece. I’m thankful for the memories I’ve been able to share with the Hunters. Truly, one of my favorite families in the world! We love you guys!

    • Thx Steve – there is a good possibility that there wouldn’t be a Hunter family without you! WE couldn’t have done it without you – heehee – literally!

  2. Holding my wife’s hand takes me to world where all is right, where our love conquers all and where we strengthen each other. There is no place like home!

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