Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I Have Learned and Continue to Learn from My Chronic Illness

13 Things I Have Learned and Continue to Learn From My Chronic Illnesses.

1.  To depend more on God
2.  To be more compassionate to others
3.  To let others help me
4.  That it’s OK to ask other for help
5.  To appreciate each day that I have
6.  How to research more about medical matters to improve my life
7.  To pray more for others
8.  Not to be so judgmental of others
9.  To give others the benefit of the doubt
10. To treat others the way I want to be treated
11.  That I can only do what I can do
12.  That God can still use me even when I feel unuseable
13.  To appreciate my family more

14.  To be more positive and not focus on the negative as it only makes me feel worse

This is my Thursday Thirteen list.  Please visit the Thursday Thirteen site to particiate.  You don’t have to write about anything specific.  Just a list of 13 somethin’ or others.


1. First list item starts here…
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