Soccer, Travel, Faith & Lovin’ – Yep, That’s Our Week

I realize I haven’t posted any pictures from last week yet.  (I do understand that these Week In Pictures posts are mostly for our family.  If you aren’t family I’m sorry you have to come here to see pictures from a stranger’s week.  You get a “buy” once a week when these entries are posted. 😉 )  Anyway, I got a new phone so my pictures are all over the place and all mixed up in every kind of crazy order possible.  So, I’m sure I will be missing something.  If I do I will just come back and add them later.

Ron was out of town somewhere in the boonies with his management team conducting a retreat.  He shared a few pictures to let us see how he was suffering for Jesus in the mountains.  Bless his little heart.

I'm not seeing much suffering goin' on

Boy, doesn't God do amazing work? You might see this one again in my Skywatch Friday entry soon. Ooooo the suspense is killing you, isn't it?

Then THIS is the welcome home he gets! Shoot - this is the welcome home he gets if he goes out to the car to get something. They totally love each other! Don't let him tell you any different!

This is just me showing my BAM camera skills! No comments necessary - I know they need a little work!

Michael and Trevor at one of Lauren's games last week. She got a hat-trick in that game (that's 3 goals in one game)!

Celebration because WE ACTUALLY WON!!!!!! 6-0 Just our second win of the season so we have a right to celebrate BIG!

Oh and that is Lauren getting a hug from Trevor.  😉  Love that by the way – should anyone want the mother’s opinion!  Shhhhhhhh

Hannah (18), Rhiana (10), Lauren (4), Teri (12)

Michael went kayaking with Hannah and her family - FUN!

Soccer, Faith lovin’ on Daddy and Daddy out of town & Michael/Hannah time – a typical week around here.


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