What Kind Of Pages Do You Like?

I signed up for a new website newsletter this morning.  My reward for this approval to clutter my email box each week was an e-book.  Now not only will my email box be cluttered by they want to clutter my computer harddrive as well.  I’m not sure how you feel about e-books, whether on the computer or on a Kindle.  I guess I’m a little old fashioned.  I prefer to hold a book in my hand and feel the paper between my fingers as I turn the page.  Yes I know that only adds to cluttering up my study with books.  But I also like to walk in there and see them.  I consider them “friends” and like the fact that they keep me company.  I am not old fashion about all new methods of the electronic world.  I was fine with getting rid of my typewriter that I had to change the ribbon on for a computer word processor.  And I am VERY glad to be rid of a landline (although we still have one – I just don’t answer it).  I’m ecstatic at the creation of texting instead of talking because I hate talking on the phone.  I’m pleased with the opportunity to email someone a note, letter or invitation because I have a difficult time writing thanks to certain physical ailments.  But a book?  A book isn’t just about taking in knowledge.  It’s about caressing the pages, holding the book, thumbing through the book, smelling the various scents it has picked up over it’s travels that got it to my hands…You don’t get any of that with dragging your finger across a computer screen to turn a “page”.


4 thoughts on “What Kind Of Pages Do You Like?

  1. Nothing compares to holding a book! It will be interesting to see if more eye problems crop up due to overuse of lighted screens, too.
    I’m glad I found you again, Pam. I miss your FB updates!

  2. I agree completely. There is something to holding that book and breaking it in, even though I try to be as gentle as I can. Turning the page is almost like a mini reward too. I can’t see ever giving that up for the computer, Kindle, or iPad.

  3. I always thought “nah I hate reading stuff online” and usually would print it out. I didn’t go for e-books, etc. I read like crazy and books aren’t cheap, and it’s hard for me to get to the library, and there only a few books I’ve kept on our shelves – so I broke down and bought a Kindle. There are a lot of free books out there and most of the new books are $9.99. Reading it doesn’t hurt my eyes, the screen is just right for me. It’s very light, holds 2500 books and you can load your mp3 music files and play music if you want while you read.

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