Tackle It Tuesday (Wednesday) – Operation Get Better!

Today is a little different kind of Tackle It Tuesday entry.  For one thing it is Wednesday and not Tuesday.  Sorry about that.  My intention for my Tackle It Tuesday entry this week was to clean the living room.  Then I realized that the whole mess in there is Michael’s mess.  I have cleaned up one too many of his messes with no attitude of gratitude for my efforts.  So, I struck that idea.  He can make that his own Tackle It Never entry.  So my entry is that I got out of bed – have not returned and am taking an active roll in all efforts to make myself feel better.

So, I got up this morning with the intention of not returning to bed until absolutely positively necessary.  I started out making myself some green tea, did some yoga, did some reading, sat on the porch, tended to some flowers and took a walk.  I am feeling tired but better.  Here are my pictures for the post today.  Maybe next week I will manage to do Tackle It Tuesday on a Tuesday.

Consider visiting 5 Minutes for Mom and join in the challenge each week.


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