Thursday Thirteen – Share A Hug

Today’s Thursday Thirteen is TWO lists of people I would love to hug right now.  The first list is friends.  I have posted links of all those who have blogs that I know of.  The second list is my family members.  Just can’t make ONE list to love on, you know.  You just might see yourself there.

1.  Vanessa
2.  Carol
3.  Joan
4.  Alli
5.  Polly
6.  KellyChaos
7.  FeliciaFibro
8.  Melly
9.  Peggy
10. Priscilla
11. Laura
12. Tina
13. Jeanie

1.  Ron
2.  Lauren
3.  Michael
4.  My Dad
5.  My Mom
6.  Lesha
7. Aunt Barb
8. Aunt Joan
9. Derick
10. Jill
11. MIL of the Year – Connie
12. Ronnie – FIL
13. Rose – MIL


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Share A Hug

  1. Thank you sweet sister in Christ. I miss you and have been praying for you. Phil and I have been talking about trying to get our acts together and start having people over. We had so much fun when we came to your house and we want to have you over soon! I hope you are feeling better every day. Love you!

  2. Pam, you are such an inspiration to me! I read and love all of your blogs! You have taught me so much about so many things!! Thank you for that! You are such a wonderful friend, mother & relative..I’m so thankful we are close & “back in touch”.

    Praying that you are feeling better soon…love u much! ❤

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