Can You Please Grunt?

Well, it is Sunday night.  Fall break begins tomorrow for my teenagers.  I’ve been trying to figure out why kids today are so lucky to not only get Thanksgiving off but also an entire week in October.  Now, mind you, I’m merely a spring chicken at only 43, but “in my day” we were lucky to get the whole day before Thanksgiving off in addition to the day after.  Now they get Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break AND they get out in the middle of May.  How in the world did all that happen?

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love my kids.  We used to homeschool.  So, I love having them in the house with me. I prefer having all of my chicks in the same nest where they all belong.  I love to hear their laughter, hear them playing together happily, playing games together sweetly….oh wait – they are teenagers now.  All of those days are gone.  Now I have sullen teens who I am lucky to get a grunt out of without my saying “can you please grunt to let me know you are breathing”.  If they aren’t moping around the house as if they have never been more bored in their entire lives then they are making plans with their friends – all plans which involve spending MY money.

Sometimes I wonder why I wished the past away waiting anxiously for these days when they would be able to entertain themselves so I could hang up my clown wig.  Those were the best days when I didn’t have to pay them for a smile or ask them if they are breathing.  Or have to pay them by individual chore to assure that they do them.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the person who came up with all of these school breaks was actually a high school teacher who wanted as much of a break from teenagers as us parents of said teenagers.  I get that.  I understand it perfectly – especially during one of those breaks.

Somewhere along the line I wished away all the smiles.  Why did I do that?  Can I go back and undo it?  Where did I put that clown wig?  Would it work on a 15 & 16 year old?  Yeah, I was afraid of that.

I realize in 2 years I will have 2 children in college and will be wishing for THESE days back – Heaven help me!


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