Where Is Mom?

It’s very common for the mom to be the one missing from family pictures.  I have found a weekly challenge that encourages posting a picture of me with a member of my family or even just one of myself.  If you think about it, it actually is pretty much how it is.  If you look through a picture album not only will you find pictures of all the kids and even pictures of dad with the kids but very few pictures of mom because she is usually the one behind the camera.  So, I was kind of drawn to this challenge for that reason.  So each Thursday I will post a picture of myself – either with a member of the family or one of the pets or even just myself alone, because I am just as important as they are.  🙂  I will explain the conditions surrounding the picture – whether it involves a story or just an explanation of what is going on at the time the picture was taken.  One day when my kids are grown they won’t be able to say “Where is mom?” when they are looking through family photos.

There I am with Lauren on the right and her best friend Rhiana on the left.  I’ve been feeling so bad lately that I’ve been in bed most of the time.  This particular day I was feeling better and decided to have a girls day out to Target.  We did a little shopping and then went to the Starbucks in the store.  We chatted and laughed and had a good afternoon out.  So where was mom this day?  She was with her girl (and her bestie) doing some shopping and Starbucks-ing.  Fun day!

If you want to make sure there are pictures of you in 20 years when your kids are looking through the family pictures, consider participating in the Where Is Mom meme with us.


2 thoughts on “Where Is Mom?

  1. SUCH a great Idea! Honestly. I have thought about this, cause I kinda hide behind the camera on purpose, cause I have put on some extra weight (although I have taken 23 of that off) but I always think about how sad my kids will be when I am gone if there are no pics of me…. did you do this challenge on your own, or is there somewhere that I can go to do this too?

    Thanks! I am so happy to have come across your blog. I am already so touched by it!

    • Melissa,
      At the end of the entry there is a link where you can go to get the information to participate. I will add your blog to my blogroll so I can check it out.

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