Let The Storms Blow In

Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday) was a stormy day around here.  And boy were those clouds moving fast.  This picture was taken from my porch.  If I had blinked it would have looked completely different.  They were zipping right along.  Storms don’t bother me.  The most annoying thing about a stormy day (or night for that matter) is that the local TV stations document every rain drop on TV and completely take up the entire TV schedule to do so.  HA  I know why they do it.  And if it were affecting me I would expect them to tell me all about it too.  But it does get annoying – you know?!

Anyway, I love looking at the sky and getting pictures.  That’s why I participate in Skywatch Friday.  If you enjoy the same thing why don’t you consider visiting the host site and joining in.  There are always some amazing sky shots from all over the world.


2 thoughts on “Let The Storms Blow In

  1. What a lovely photo! Yesterday was a stormy day for us, with lots of wind and heavy rain. It doesn’t bother me either (but all the people that complains about the weather does, he he 🙂 I like to make the most of it; light the fire, burn candlelights and read a good book! All the best from Anette in Norway 🙂

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