Ghost Of Halloweens Past

As it is Halloween weekend I thought it only fitting to share a few entries about the Halloween fun of the past.  My kids are teenagers and for all intents and purposes gone on holidays.  As everyone knows it is more fun to be with, dress up with and trick or treat with your friends.  And it is extremely lame (their word, not mine) to be in the general vicinity of any member of your parental unit.  So, all I have now are pictures from Halloweens past.  So that’s why I have titled this entry the Ghost of Halloweens Past.  The pictures just lay around haunting me in a good way- is that actually possible – haunting in a good way????  Hmmmmmmm  The next time he shows up I will stop him and ask if he has a moment to answer a few questions.  I’ll let you know.

Now that I think about it I notice that I don’t even have my kids this weekend.  Lauren is off at a friends house. They went to a Haunted House last night and are going to a Halloween party tonight.  Now normally I would be the one HOSTING a party for her friends.  Because I’m just a rockin’ mom and that’s what us rockin’ moms do.  However I’m also a smart mom and knew that a bunch of teenagers dressed as freaks – well, more then usual – coming and going from MY house is not something I wanted to get involved with.  So, I volunteered another mom, who totally took the bait – hook, line and sinker.  I’ll take the Christmas party!  It’s all about love, joy and sharing – instead of pranks and tricks.  I’m not as dumb as I look!!

ANYWAY, the purpose of this entry is not to give away all my secrets about being a smart mom.  The purpose of it is to reminisce about the good old days when the kids were little and we had fun as a family dressing up and going trick or treating.  You know the days – you get the kids all dressed up cute and let them do the work bringing in the candy because they are so adorable that noone can say no to them.  If they are cute enough you get DOUBLE the candy!!  Then when you get home and use the crain to lift and drop all of the candy into the living room floor you “check” the candy.  If the kids are small enough and haven’t caught on to your evil plan yet then you pick out all the candy YOU want (cause that candy looks “BAD”) and leave them with all the candy you don’t really like because that candy is “safe” for your little snookums.  Hey, you’re just being a responsible parent.

At any rate, here are pictures of the most adorable little Seminoles on the earth – well, in 1995 anyway.  Keep in mind that we lived in Tallahassee Florida and were/still are dedicated, died in the wool (what does that even mean) Florida State Seminole football fans.

Our little Seminole football player

He just can’t decide what to do with all of that “safe” candy his brilliant Mama gave him.

And our precious Seminole cheerleader

Hmmmm – not sure where her candy is.  Either the football player took it all or maybe noone of what she got was “safe”.  At any rate, the look on her face surely tells us that somethin’ fishy is going on.

Thanks for this little stroll down memory lane with me.  Now I am gonna jump over to The Secret Is In The Sauce (The SITS girls) blog and see what great memories other moms have posted.  If you have a story to tell, consider posting it there.  Maybe I can pick up a few secrets myself.  Us moms have to stick together on how to get our fair share of the candy, you know.  Sometimes you gotta be really sneaky to get your share.

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