I’m The Bad Guy!

Sometimes being a parent is the hardest most painful job in the world.  Generally my kids are very good.  But when one of them brings home 2 grades very close to an F then punishments have to be handed out.  That’s when the fun parent has to turn into the bad guy and hand down punishments.  So, as I’m writing this I have punished said child to the nth degree (according to her).  No more friends spending the night during the week.  Socializing only on the weekends. A parent/teacher conference  with said teachers about how those grades can be brought up to a C by Christmas – which is “nearly impossible”.

I very rarely have to punish my children anymore.  They are teenagers are usually just talking through the offenses is enough.  However, she is a junior.  We are counting on scholarships for college because of my work situation (there isn’t one).  And getting Fs or even Ds doesn’t cut it for the GPA.

I hate being the bad guy but apparently I am.  All those times I’ve been the cool parent are out the window and forgotten the one time I have to step outside the cool box and hand down punishment.  I understand why she feels crappy.  What she doesn’t understand is that I also feel crappy – and I hate it!


4 thoughts on “I’m The Bad Guy!

  1. With our five year old daughter, I am the one who does all the homework, flashcard drills, and “projects” with her. It makes me the bad guy when she would rather do something else 🙂 Stick to your guns – she will thank you for it one day…way in the future, perhaps.


  2. Oh, I can imagine how hard it must be… but putting down your foot is such an important lesson for her to learn for the future. She’ll be thankful for that at some point!

  3. I can totally relate!! I am still homeschooling my daughter and she has been a little ‘lazy’ lately and caring too much about hanging out with friends. So, I had to say NO to her about something and she was NOT happy! I hate having to bring the hammer down but I know if I don’t it is a real dis-service to my teens.

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