Thursday Thirteen – Gonna Be A Busy Girl

It’s Thursday!  That means it’s time for Thursday Thirteen!  This week I am going to share the top 13 things I would like to do in the next year…November 2010-November 2011.

1.  Win one of the hundreds of giveaways I enter each week around this here cyber-blog-world

2.  Get out of this never ending Fibro flare

3.  Buy a Coach purse

4.  Help my children get their GPAs up SO WE CAN GET GOOD SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE

5.  Complete and be approved for disability

6.  Rejoin the choir at church – this would have to occur after #2 is achieved

7.  Go to the beach as many times as possible

8.  Hear my Daddy preach his first sermon post-cancer

9.  Not miss any of my kids’ soccer games over the next year

10. Start losing weight again

11. Get a 3rd vehicle

12. Start offering occasional giveaways here on my blog

13. Visit lots of colleges with the kids so they can check them out.


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen – Gonna Be A Busy Girl

  1. I love your list! I am with you on #2 especially! Oh, and I have NEVER won anything–don’t even try much anymore. I hope you get to do every single thing on your list:)

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