Don’t Judge My Pain And I Won’t Judge Yours

I’ve been stressing about what I would write about for NaBloPoMo today when I started noticing some people around cyberland complaining about those of us who are sick and have a negative attitude about it and how we should basically shut up and get up.  Then I pretty much knew I had my entry for today.  You stir up my anger about my illnesses and you have basically put the soap box right in front of me and helped me jump up on it.

So – here we go!  If you don’t like sarcasm or that “being put in your place” or listening to other people’s soapboxes you might want to stop reading now.  (But this will still count as my entry for NaBloPoMo today, right? Even if my readers don’t read it all.  Ok, just checking!)

First of all, whether you have physical challenges or not you have NO RIGHT to judge me and how I handle mine.  I have read all morning from a person I know is also ill.  I would think if you also suffer with some sort of illness then you should be on the side of sympathy and not on the side of judgement.  We get enough of that from the world when we are out in it – and even when we are not.  Shame on you for not showing more compassion.  Do I judge you?  NO!  And you certainly would never read about or hear me doing so.  Your pain is your pain and mine is mine.  Who gives me the right for me to judge yours and who gives you the right to judge mine?  NOONE!!  So, yeah, you worry about yours and I’ll worry about mine.  I’m sorry you don’t agree with how I handle mine.  But honestly, I have too much else to worry about than to worry about whether or not a FELLOW SPOONIE is going to judge me because I am depressed today or because I can barely get out of bed to make it to the bathroom.

Would I love to have a positive attitude all the time?  OF COURSE!  Would I love to “push through” my pain?  OF COURSE!  Would I love to pretend my pain doesn’t exist and not give in to it?  OF COURSE!  Are all of those things possible every day?  UH NO!  At least not for me!  And I dare say they aren’t for you either.

So back up on offa my pain and let me handle it!  K?  And I’ll stay up offa yours and let you handle yours!  Deal?  Deal!

Stepping down!  And yes, I feel better now.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Judge My Pain And I Won’t Judge Yours

  1. Great post! I had kind of bad day yesterday emotionally and just feel like people don’t ‘get it’ sometimes. It is NOT fun being sick ALL the time and it’s even worse when people make you feel like you should just be able to flip a switch and you’re all better–yeah right! Praying for you:)

    • Thank you, Kimberly! I hope one day we can both be on the other side of our physical/emotional struggles! But may we never be as insensitive as people like I am talking about. I deserve any slap on the wrist I get if I ever judge someone else’s pain. UGH

      Praying today is a better day for both of us!


  2. Great post! It is okay to have a bad day. You are allowed to be upset, angry, etc over your health. It is totally unrealistic to think a person with a chronic illness is never going to have a negative emotion about it.

  3. I think I move in different cyber-circles to you! I haven’t read anyone have a ‘pain off’! It must be very difficult living with chronic pain – I have only had short bouts of it and it is all consuming. I hope you are feeling well now and getting on with things. Thanks for Rewinding x

  4. I came across you post this afternoon & I have to say it is so telling. I have had 2 spinal fusions & have lived in constant pain for more than 3 years. Would I give just about ANYTHING to wake up tomorrow pain free? You bet! I could have never imagined what someone who suffers w/chronic pain suffers though until now. All I hope for at this point is just some improvement. I am undergoing breat reduction surgery at the end of the month in hopes this will make some difference. WHY would I go through ANOTHER surgery, recovery & scarring? I just want people to understand this is not a choice to just jump up, get some excersice & improve my attitude.

    • Bless your heart! I certainly hope that the surgery will reduce your pain and help give you the ability you need to get back on a healthy path for you. Blessings!!

  5. shut up & get up? nice.
    i have allowed myself more pain meds than usual this week, which i don’t do very often. it sure feels good to have less pain, even if it’s only for a few hours.
    some people will never get it.

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