Welcome Aboard

Today we are boarding our ship.  Our ship is the Costa Atlantica.  I found a book at the library this past week that listed stats and in depth information about every cruise ship in service in the year 2010.  I had never even heard of the Costa cruise line.  I must say that that worried me.  However after reading about the line in this book I learned that the line is an Italian line.  Most of the cruise lines that leave out of an American port are ships that were commissioned in the Bahamas or somewhere close to the U.S.  I’m not sure why I’ve never heard of the Costa line unless it has something to do with how many of their ships actually cruise out of an American port.  Maybe I will ask someone that question – if I can find anyone who speaks English on the boat.  Apparently because it is an Italian line their ships are Italian themed ships.  All I know is I love Italian food so I think I’m gonna be a happy girl.

Apparently the Italian’s are very loud partiers and very serious smokers.  I think those are going to be two sticking points for me.  The book said the music and partiers are very loud.  It even recommended we bring earplugs.  Oh dear!  But I am most concerned about what the book said about smoking on board.  Supposedly they aren’t really too concerned with making sure people stay in the smoking areas to suck on their cancer sticks.  Looks like I’m gonna be making a lot of comments under my breath this week – well at the times I can actually catch my breath, that is.  If there is anything I cannot stand it is someone who is rude enough to expose people around them to the cancer they are infecting their body with.  Cigarettes killed my grandfather – therefore I have no patience for anyone around me who chooses to expose me to their nasty cancerous habit – much less my children.  At any rate, we shall see how it goes.

So, there you have it!  I’m hoping it will be the greatest cruising experience of my life.  This is our 4th cruise.  I’m ready to get on the boat and float away from the emotional, mental and physical stress I have been under for months.  So when they say “welcome aboard” I just might kiss them – twice – one on each cheek.  Isn’t that how they do it over there?  Hey, this could be fun after all!


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