The Blue-Green Waters Of Nassau

Hello NaBloPoMo readers – while you may be reading this on Monday November 8th it is actually Monday November 1.  I am pre-writing the next few entries because I am somewhere floating on a cruise ship in the ATLANTIC OCEAN. Ahhhhhhhhhhh  As you are reading this our ship has probably already docked in Nassau Bahamas.  We have been here a number of times already as this is our 4th cruise.  I wasn’t going to get off the ship.  I usually stay on the ship during the times we are docked somewhere because then I have the entire pool to myself to lay out in any chair of my choosing and can read pretty much undisturbed.  But I have decided to get off and visit the straw market so I can buy a purse.  Shhhhhh – you’re not supposed to do that.

Very nice lady who will make you a bag while you shop - for a price......of course

The glorious blue/green water of Nassau

And I must say that Nassau has the most gorgeous blue/green water.  I have a picture of it from a previous stop around here somewhere.  If I can locate it I will post it so you can see the glorious color.  Positively amazing!  How anyone can see the beauty of some parts of the world and not believe in the Creator God is beyond me.


There is no feeling like being rocked to sleep at night on a cruise ship.  Ron and I love that feeling.  It can be challenging at first to walk while you’re floating but sleeping feels so good.  After a day or so you don’t even notice it while you are moving around the ship anymore.  I promise!  You probably don’t believe me because it doesn’t seem natural but it really is true.  🙂

Tomorrow we will be at sea all day on our way to Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  That’s one place I haven’t been before.  I will probably be getting off the ship there.  Unfortunately, because I’ve not been there before you will have to wait till we get home before I can tell you about that one.

I will sign off as – floating somewhere in the Atlantic!

2 thoughts on “The Blue-Green Waters Of Nassau

  1. I pulled up the webcam this morning and saw that you were kind enough to dock next to “my” ship. Thanks for letting me get a peak of her ;-).

    I’d say I hope you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, but duhhh….. Keep on, keeping on :). (((you)))

  2. I absolutely LOVE ocean waters that have those amazingly vivid colors in them! It is one of my favorite things about Kauai, Hawaii! How can you not be amazed gazing at the colors of ocean water? Did you end up getting a purse?

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