Thursday Thirteen – Cruising the Ocean Blue

Since we are cruising this week it seems only natural that my Thursday Thirteen list be something to do with cruising.  So here it is – Thirteen things I love about cruising:

1.  Being rocked to sleep every night

2.  The food at every turn – for FREE

3.  Not being able to have any contact with the “real” world

4.  You’re on vacation but someone else does all the driving

5.  You get to see parts of the world you would probably never see otherwise

6.  Being able to exercise with the beauty of the ocean all around you

7.  There’s no checking in and checking out of a hotel every time you want to change locations

8.  Those cute little animals that visit your room every day

9.  Being waited on hand and foot

10.  Free ice cream whenever you want it

11.  Lounging by the pool anytime you want

12.  Going to a “show” every night for FREE

13.  Being with the people you love most in the world without interruption from the outside world


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