Welcome To Our Closet

As you read this it is our final day of our cruise.  I can guarantee you that we are sad wherever we are and wherever you are.  We are sad for a number of reasons  one of which is because our glorious vacation is almost over and two, because we are somehow having to figure out how to repack all the junk that has gotten scattered around our dinky little room over the last week.

Let me tell you something – once your kids get to be teenagers I can assure you it is best to get two rooms on a cruise ship.  I mean, I’m writing this 3 days before we even leave Nashville – much less even SEE our room.  But I’m imagining what it is gonna be like.  The last cruise we went on in 2007 the 4 of us were in one room and we were standing on top of each other.  Now the kids clothes have gotten bigger, their bodies have gotten bigger, they require as many products as we do and this time they will be bringing their text books since we are taking them out of school.  So that means their books will take up as much space as a small child.

Soooooooo……while I’m sure we will be much closer relationally and physically by the day you read this we will have one small space to stand in the middle of our small floor.  We will no doubt be packing one at a time because that’s all the room we will have to take up in order to pack.  If you were to knock on our stateroom door on the cruise ship I would no doubt crack the door open the best I can and say “welcome to our closet”.

So, Welcome To Our Closet!


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