Don’t Blink – Whatever You Do!

How is it that my sweet baby boy is 17 years old TODAY?!?!  Seriously?  When did that happen!  I don’t know if I should be happy or be sad.  It seems like just yesterday I was just starting my 27 hours of labor with him.  And now he is 17 years old?  He’s so close to being gone.  I don’t want him to be this old.  I don’t want him to leave me.  I know I have spent the last 17 years preparing him to leave.  But that doesn’t feel natural.  

How did we go from this….

To this…..

I should never have blinked!  never never never ever!  Don’t do it!  I don’t recommend it!

He is such a good boy!  He is smart and very responsible! He’s always had a tender heart (maybe except where his sister is concerned. But that’s normal, right?)!  He’s got his faults but his positive points outweigh those by far.  We are truly blessed to have such a terrific son.  Whoever snatches him from our home will be one very blessed woman – if she can overlook the messes that follow him wherever he goes……Uh, sorry about that!

Happy birthday Michael!   Hope you enjoyed your birthday present – a cruise!  I know it’s not a car but maybe it will do!  I’m proud of you!  I’m proud to be your Mama!  I couldn’t have picked a better child if I had gone to Heaven and handpicked you myself.  I love you more than life. I would give my life for you. YOu make me proud every day.  I just wish I hadn’t blinked.


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