Please Don’t Make Me Leave

Noooooooooooooooooooo say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Say I don’t actually have to get off the ship today!!!!!!!  Please don’t make me!  Please take me with you for another week.  I have another procedure on my neck this week that I would like to avoid.  Please take pity on me and let me stay for an extra week.  I was a good cruiser.  I didn’t cause any problems.  I didn’t smoke!  I didn’t complain about the food!  I sat quietly and listened to the loud music and the loud people dancing to the loud music!  I clapped after the mediocre show performances!  See, I was a good vacationer!  And I made my hubby leave you good tips!  Pretend like noone is in this room when you come by to clean it for the next cruise.  I’ll pay you extra.

Oh no – there goes my luggage!  And here comes the room steward!  He has a key?  And I’m sure that towel he is carrying is not for a towel animal for me – I’m sure it’s gonna be for the next cruiser that takes my room.  That makes me want to cry………….

Well, I do have one more night in Florida.  But I sure would rather float away again with the next bunch tonight.  You are so mean…..***stompingoffship***

As you can see, I am not above pity and whining!


2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Make Me Leave

  1. Yes, you have to get off the boat! One week w/ you gone was too long! Now, come home!! 🙂 BTW, it’s a cold 46 degrees here right now and not going to get much better. You have been warned, lol. On an unselfish note…I’m sorry it has come to an end. That is the WORST feeling.

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