Welcome Back To The Cold, Rain, Dreariness and PAIN!

Welcome back to cloudy, cold and dreary Nashville from the gorgeous warm and perfect Caribbean.  WOW – what a shocker back to reality.  I will share more pictures from the cruise as the days go on.  Between the 4 of us we took approximately 1000 pictures.  Don’t worry.  I won’t share ALL of them.  HA

The first few days of the cruise were cloudy and chilly – similar to what we have now except now so cold.  But by Wednesday things were looking up.  By Saturday I was burnt and am already peeling.  I enjoyed every single ray of the sun that touched my skin though.  I wish I could have brought it back wtih me.

We all had a great time relaxing, laughing, bonding and enjoying one another.  My suspicions about the European cruise line was right on.  Every stitch of clothes smell like cigarettes, very few people spoke English, the food was ok but not as good as some other cruise lines we have traveled – oh and there were entirely TOO MANY SPEEDOS FOR ME!  But the bonding time with my family far outweighed any of those drawbacks.  The water was amazing colors.  The seas were just rough enough to rock us to sleep.  I took a nap every single day.  My Fibro was nearly nonexistent.  I only had a touch of a headache now and then.  I hope I’ll be able to capture some of it in the pictures I share with you in the days ahead.

This morning I went for my second RFA procedure.  This was on the left side of my neck.  Let me just say I’m glad there are no more “sides” of my neck to burn nerves on.  It is a most unpleasant experience – even with those 2 little happy pills they give you before the procedure.  When we got home Ron built me a fire (the first of the season) and I have been catching up on TV downstairs.  I am used to eating about 10 meals a day so I am baking some muffins before heading upstairs to nap.

I have my Tasty Tuesday recipe ready to share but I think it’s gonna have to come later today.  My head is getting harder and harder to hold up and heavier and heavier every second.  YOu will be surprised how heavy the human head is when your neck muscles are taking a “vacation” themselves.

Keep your eyes pealed for the pics to come.  I hope they warm you up.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back To The Cold, Rain, Dreariness and PAIN!

  1. I’m glad you got a break from the pain while you were gone… that must have been the biggest “vacation” of all! Praying the steps you’re taking now help immensely.

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