A Perfect Moment To Share

Today I am beginning a new weekly writing project called Perfect Moment Monday from over at Write Mind Open Heart.  I’m very excited about this one because of a couple of reasons:

1.  It forces me to focus on something positive. We all need that little push every so often

2.  It will help me to “meet” new bloggy friends.  I’m very excited about that prospect.

So, for my first Perfect Moment entry I have to go back to our vacation recently.  With two teenagers very close in age (15 months apart) having perfect moments where everyone gets along and loves each other can be rare.  There were actually a lot of lovely perfect moments between the kids and really between all 4 of us during our cruise.  But the one moment I am thinking of occurred during dinner one evening.  Ron and I were just talking to each other and not really paying much attention to the kids.  As the week went on Michael and Lauren started getting along better and better each day.  We were a little sad to actually come back home because they were getting along so beautifully.  Lauren had taken to picking on Michael by touching his hair or putting her arm on his shoulder or tapping his chin or some annoying little gesture.  The beginning of the week he would tell her to stop.  By the end of the week I captured this picture.

Now our cell phones didn’t work on the ship so he must have been looking at a picture or something.  Notice she is seriously laying against him and he isn’t making a face or appear to be pushing her away.  They also have no idea I am taking their picture.  They are in their own world.  Just the kind of loving moment that makes a Mama’s heart smile!  I’m proud to be their Mama most of the time but especially on days when things like this happen!


3 thoughts on “A Perfect Moment To Share

  1. First of all, welcome to Perfect Moment Monday! I think you will meet some fabulous new bloggy friends.

    Second of all, I love love your moment, and the candid pic of your teens interacting as if they (gasp!) love each other. There may be hope for mine yet.

    Lastly, I added your link to the Perfect Moment Monday post here:

    I look forward to getting to know you better, Pam.

    • Thank you so much for coming by for a visit, comment and for posting my link. I was gonna try again from my hubby’s laptop when he gets home. I am excited about participating each week and reading other bloggers.


  2. How wonderful!! This is good blackmailing material, too! hehe! Your children are adorable in that picture, though I am sure they would hate that description!

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