A Chance At Hope

I thought I would write an update on my RFA procedure process.  Just as way of reminder.  In October I had 7 nerves burned on the right side of my neck.  Last week I had 7 burned on the left side of my neck.  This process was done in order to control some of my Fibro pain.  I have chronic headaches.  The hope is to block the pain signal from my neck/upper back – which is where most of my Fibro pain originates.  I do have many other symptoms of it.  But most of my problems are in my neck/shoulders/upper back region which leads to unrelenting headaches.  I really couldn’t tell much by way of benefit until after the left side was done as well.  But I have noticed that in the last week my headaches have decreased in intensity by about 75%.  I can still tell that I have one.  But that is because I also have Occipital Neuralgia – which is pain in the C1 region.  That hasn’t been addressed yet because it is a different procedure.  My doctor says that it is much more painful.  Burning those 14 nerves was painful and uncomfortable enough.  Our hopes are that I will get enough benefit from this process and hope to avoid having to take the next step.  The P.A. that I see explained it to me but I’m not sure exactly what it involves at this point.  I have been doing some research and haven’t really figured it out yet. So, I won’t try to explain it yet.  The hope is that this will give me a good amount of relief until the nerves regenerate.  At that point I will then have to decide whether to repeat this process.  Ahhhh the joys of dealing with chronic pain.

I also had an MRI earlier this week.  So, we shall see if anything has developed since the last MRI I had back in 2002.  I suspect it will probably come back just fine – that’s how Fibro works.  Makes us look crazy!  If you are reading this and you have Fibro then you will understand me when I say that I almost hope that something shows up.  I feel like then there is a greater chance of figuring out something to do to actually help – something that can be FIXED!  It’s so frustrating!

Anyway, I am finally letting the doctor do something besides give me prescriptions.  He’s been wanting to do these things for a couple of years now and I have continued to say no for various reasons.  But at some point you have to step out and take a chance.  Take a chance at hope – hope for help – hope for relief.  I’m thankful for a doctor who is wise enough to direct me and smart enough to know how to help.  He is pretty much open to anything that I suggest.  And he is constantly educating himself on new procedures or new treatments for his patients.  When I was getting the last procedure done he and his assistant were discussing various treatments that they were learning about.  He was hopeful about some new treatment but is reluctant to try it because “insurance companies do not cover it yet and it would be too costly for the patient”.  We were also discussing arrogance in other doctors and how he hates when doctors think they know everything because they come across as if there is nothing else for them to learn.

Anyway, he gives me my chance at hope – hope for pain relief.  I know I am going to have pain for the rest of my life.  But a chance at the hope of any degree of pain relief is worth the risk of more pain.  I’m tired of swallowing pills to find that hope.  I’m ready to take some risk – a risk for hope – a risk for relief.

One thought on “A Chance At Hope

  1. I know how frustrating pain can be having fibro. I have neck/back pain when it gets really bad but not the headaches. I’m glad this procedure has reduced your pain. Have you tried acupuncture/acupressure? I was going to do a search of your blog to see before I mentioned it LOL. I was fortunate that our insurance covered part of it but unfortunately after 3 weeks of 2x a week it started to hurt (but everyone is different. I know you know there are other things (massage – now that helped me but I only had it twice and the 2nd time woohoo painful). OK sorry this has turned into a ramble LOL. I think I need to write a blog post LOL.

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