Finding The Happy

I came across a great new challenge for Monday’s – which really won’t be much of a challenge.  It is Finding The Happy.  Each Monday I will be sharing a picture or video of something that makes me happy.  I have an incredible family, both far and near.  So, this won’t really be much of a challenge.  I mean, think about it, there are things all around us that can/should make us happy.  It could be people, animals, nature, music, food, material possessions, God, books….the list is endless.  Happy is defined as delighted, pleased or glad over a particular thing.  Even a pessimist can come up with something that makes them happy.  I challenge you to participate each week.  Follow the link above for the instructions on how to take part in the Happy Project!

Now – on with some happy!!!!!

This picture makes me happy and smile for a number of reasons.  First of all, the people in it are my amazing children.  There are times when they make me anxious, angry, stressed out and/or frustrated beyond words.  But that doesn’t change the fact that they are amazing and deep down – no matter what – they bring me joy!  Secondly, they are being loving and not arguing – that HAS to make a Mama happy.  Thirdly, it is at the beach – my favorite place on earth.  It doesn’t have to a specific beach.  Just any old beach will do!  If there is an ocean and sand then I am happy – no question!  Fourthly, it is taken on a vacation.  Family vacations are just the best!  The bonding time is priceless and is always filled with plenty of laughter and love.

And that is my happy for this Monday!  I’m gonna like this challenge.  And I can’t wait to see yours!

One thought on “Finding The Happy

  1. Oh what a perfectly lovely picture! I love, love, love the beach and the calming it provides. I could spend all day listening to waves crash.

    Related: it’s the only sound that my daughter will fall asleep to!

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