Inspiration – I Know Mine – Do You Know Yours?

I have chosen a prompt from Kat over at Mama Kat to write about today.  She listed 5 prompts.  Of course I have an opinion on all 5 of them.  I know that comes as no surprise to anyone. But the one I chose to write about is #4 – What inspires you to write?  This question has a multi-faceted answer.  I will say a little about a few of them.

My path in life inspires me

I have determined that my path in life inspires me.  I began blogging back in 2005 when we homeschooling to give our family an idea of what we were doing and how well the kids were doing each day.  That reason slowly drifted into the background as I  found that most of the people who read my blog were fellow homeschoolers.  I discovered that I slowly began developing relationships and support with them.  The issues they were dealing with in their home were the same issues we were dealing with in ours.  My blog became a source of acceptance and support for others walking the same life path that we were walking at the time.  So, while my writing was still informing our family what was going on at our house it because a bond of sisterhood as well among those of us walking the homeschooling path.  They brought me inspiration.  We all gave one another inspiration.  I addressed issues that we dealt with daily while at the same time addressing issues others were dealing with at the same time.

After we stopped homeschooling we began walking a different path yet I found that the basic inspiration was the same.  My children were then in the public school system.  I began sharing concerns as well as victories they were experiencing.  My audience changed but the basic premise was the same.  I formed a sisterhood with a different group of people because we were on a different path.  My goals in my life as well as in the lives of our children changed.  As I began sharing those goals I discovered more/different friends who shared the same goals as me.

In the last six months my health has challenged me so that has taken me down even another path.  Following my Dad’s health battles over the last year, my health began to decline as my Fibromyalgia hit me like a ton of bricks.  I began doing a lot of research and writing about what I have been learning.  A lot of new readers have found me as a result of my writing about those issues.

So, it seems that whatever path we are walking in our life at the time inspires me to incorporate it into my blog.  God has led me down a lot of paths and I am happy to share my journeys with those who come to read.  I want to be of help and an inspiration to others.  I want the words I say to encourage someone else – helping them to know that they are not alone.  We need to be open to sharing our heart and our life in order to help one another.  That is my purpose with this blog, to help you my readers.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration – I Know Mine – Do You Know Yours?

  1. Pam ~ I am not family (technically), and have not homeschooled my daughters, and fortunately do not have fibro. But jeez, I enjoy reading your blog entries and keeping up with the Hunter household! Thanks for sharing those with us. You guys are loved!

    • I think we do a great job of using our inspiration to help educate and inspire others! Those of us who fight with our daily illnesses have to stick together to make sure others are educated. Good job, team mate!! 🙂

  2. Hi there – following back from A Year with Mom and Dad and Thirsty for Thursday!
    What a beautiful history of your writerly life. I agree, my writing also seems to change with my life. I read the “angst” poetry of my teenage years, the “I can change the world” writing of my 20s and now my “family is all that matters” writing since I’ve become a mom. It’s so true that POV shifts with each phase of life. Thanks for that reminder!
    And thank you for visiting my blog – I struggle with my writing to balance the “fun giveaways” with “actual writing” 🙂 Doing Thirsty for Thursday always challenges me to have a post that is worth JUST READING without the hype of a giveaway attached! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting! I’m sure it is difficult to find a balance between writing and posting giveaways. Most of the time I overlook the giveaway posts on a blog. I never win giveaways so I’ve stopped entering. HAHAHAA So, I like the regular blog entries myself. I look forward to reading yours.

      See you around blogland!


  3. Thanks for linking up at Thirsty for Comments last week. I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get here… but I made it… it’s been interesting to read about your path and the changes it’s wrought, because my path is changing because we’ve added a new little one.. and it’s changed how, when and why I blog…

    I wanted to stop by and let you know that, later than I planned, this week’s thirsty post is up and you are the FEATURED blogger!
    Please stop by and link up a new post and email me with it so I can highlight it in my post.

    • YAYAYAYAY – I’m so excited!!! Thank you a bunch!! I have just sat down at the computer to work on my blogging for the morning and this is what I saw. YOu have made my sneezy achy day better (I got a flu shot yesterday – UGH).

      Anyway – getting right on this!

      Happy Thursday!


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