Thursday Thirteen – Reasons To Look Forward To This Month

Today’s Thursday Thirteen list is a list of things I am excited about for the holiday season.  It seemed like a natural list to make after yesterday’s HO HO HO entry. (Visit the TT link and learn how to participate as well)

1.  Sitting out all of my Santas (I have a collection)

2.  Decorating the house for Christmas

3.  Dinner out with Ron and his board members next week

4.  The church Christmas Musical Christmas Came One Night

5.  Shopping for Ron and the kids

6.  Letting Ron and the kids wrap the presents (see my Scrooge entry)

7.  The Christmas party at Ron’s office

8.  Visiting Pensacola for Christmas

9.  Watching Faith get excited to see Grandma

10. Visiting Tallahassee for Christmas

11.  Watching my family open presents (someone else has wrapped…..heeheehee)

12.  Spending family time with Ron and the kids and some extended family



11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Reasons To Look Forward To This Month

  1. I love decorating for Christmas!! It’s the best part of the first couple days of December. I just moved to a new state so my decoration budget is a little low this year…but I bought a cute pre-lit palm tree anyway. 😉

    • Thank you, SAm! I just read your list as well and think it is wonderful.

      I always have trouble leaving comments on Blogger/Blogspot blogs for some reason! I try to follow all the tips that you listed in your TT post.

      Now I’m gonna go try to solve my comment probs – I’ve been putting it off too long.

      Hope to see you again soon!


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